Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chicken Tacos

This is the easiest crockpot recipe I've ever made. Just place:

chicken breasts (4?)
a jar of salsa
a can (or two) of black beans, drained
a can (or two) of corn, drained (you could also use frozen corn)

in crockpot and cook on high for 4-5 hours or low for 6-8 hours.

Take chicken breasts out and shred. Add chicken back to pot and stir. Serve with hot tortillas, cheese, sour cream, etc.


Suzanne said...

I can handle this one. ;-) The crockpot is our best friend in this house. Thanks for the easy-peasy recipe.

Susan said...

Sounds like I'd better try this one on a busy day for Dad!!

Chicken tacos...can't get much more of a favorite than that for him. Thanks!

Kath said...

I make this all the time. except I use a can of diced tomatoes and about half a jar of sals. I may just try the full jar next time!

Melinda said...

I just started making this recipe. I love it. The only difference I do is I don't add corn since I have kids who hate it and I add a can of green chilies.

I also found this recipe in a Weight Watchers magazine and it is only 6 points.

Denise said...

This recipe has become our Relief Society's go-to funeral luncheon fare! We also made it for a recent missionary zone conference. The mission president's wife thanked us for not serving pulled pork sandwiches! Everyone loves this and I have shared the recipe lots. Thanks for giving me a great alternative to ham and funeral potatoes.